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Post Graduate Certification in BFSI Management (PGCBM)

Program Overview :
Welcome to the PGCBM Certification! PGCBM is an immersive program and provides students with real experiences of working with the customers, products, process, and system The program extensively engages students in the role plays, case studies, persona-based problem solving, and assignments to get them ready for the role of a Teller / Customer Service Officer. Our expert and experienced faculty act as mentors throughout the learning journey.

It includes the following:
Developing the required skills to function with private sector banks.
Overview and adherence of Banking functions, day to day operations and guidelines.
Training candidates for Customer handling and relationship management.
Help them comprehend the fundamentals of cost accounting and management accounting and its impact on the financial decision-making process.
Educating them about the different types of financial institutions and their role in the financial markets.
Making them understand the industry-specific regulatory requirements.
55% of Indian population is in work age bracket – Favourable Demographics .
After Covid , digital education has seen a take off with 75 Crores smart devices in India, education and Training can now reach can now reach every nook and corner .

Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.

Topic Module Session Benefits
BFSI & Retail Banking Fundamentals of BFSI Diploma in Retail Banking** Blended Online/Offline/ Immersive Basic understanding of BFSI, Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Certificaton (lIBF)**
Rwegulatory Certifications NISM VIl NISM VA NISM-XA NISM VIlI Blended Online/Offline/ Immersive National Stock Exchange(NSE) Certifications.
SRM Sales as a profession Sales Personality Sales Calls Sales Leadership Sales in BFSI Blended Online/Offline/ Immersive Proactivity and Clarity of Purpose, enhanced belief and attitude
PD Communicative English Life Skills Reading Self Improvement 1Q & EQ Blended Online/Offline/ Immersive Excellent communications skills and personality Traits
IT Skills and Etiquettes MS Office Email Etiquettes tBlended Online/Offline/ Immersive Readiness for jobs as per industry trends

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